Build It Green aims to build on our past work in green building to make major progress restoring and creating health and well-being at a personal, community and bioregional level. We seek to practice a regenerative development approach and to be grounded in inclusivity, community engagement, and collaboration, starting with ADUs and their incredible potential.
What is regenerative development? Join Build It Green and Regenesis Group as we introduce this movement and the seven key principles for how we can go beyond sustainability, and together restore and revitalize the places we live.

Potential of ADUs
Join us as we explore the potential of the rapidly evolving ADU market. These conversations aim to discover how ADUs can be a housing solution, as well as build wealth for historically marginalized communities, improve occupant health, strengthen community and protect their bioregions.

This residential rating system provides a credible and accessible pathway to ensure you have the elements of a sustainable, efficient, and healthier home. Third-party verification on above-code, high-performance single and multi-family homes, with additional recognition for Net Zero Energy and Low Carbon. 

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