Build It Green wants to help you sell more homes by promoting their quality and GreenPoint Rated certification. We offer three print-ready marketing materials, and three ways to get them:

  1. Download and print yourself (FREE)
  2. Order hard copies of our standard versions.
  3. Order customized versions with photos of your own homes, your logo and your contact information.

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Home Buyer Brochure
This six-panel brochure provides a comprehensive introduction to GreenPoint Rated for people looking to purchase or build a new home. It highlights the benefits of a certified home, explains the five environmental improvement categories, and includes a testimonial from a satisfied GreenPoint Rated homeowner.
Home Buyer Fact Sheet
This fact sheet informs potential home buyers about the GreenPoint Rated label and gets them interested in purchasing or building a GreenPoint Rated home. It also outlines the five environmental improvement categories: Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, and Community.
Sales Office Poster
Builders can build awareness of the GreenPoint Rated community with this 2 ft x 3 ft Sales Office Poster. Download and print this hi-resolution file and customize by adding your logo on the bottom left.
The GreenPointRated website is the easiest way for potential home buyers to learn about the benefits of a green home. They can read about the improved comfort and indoor air quality, as well as learn what savings they can expect. They can explore green features through our interactive green home. Bookmark this site on your laptop, iPad, or mobile device to share with your clients!
Marketing Materials for Raters, Builders, Developers and Contractors
Builder Fact Sheet
This fact sheet explains and highlights the benefits of the GreenPoint Rated label for builders and their customers and provides an overview of the benefits of GreenPoint Rated homes.
Builder Brochure
This six-panel brochure for builders provides a comprehensive introduction to the GreenPoint Rated program. It explains how simple and flexible the process is, provides an overview of the benefits of GreenPoint Rated homes, and highlights the value the label delivers to builders and their customers.