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Marketing Resources for Existing Homes

Educate your customers about the benefits getting a GreenPoint Rating for an existing property with our consumer-friendly marketing materials. Order them now or download high-resolution files to print yourself.

The GreenPointRated website is the easiest way for potential home buyers to learn about the benefits of a green home. They can read about the improved comfort and indoor air quality, as well as learn what savings they can expect. They can explore green features through our interactive green home. Bookmark this site on your laptop, iPad, or mobile device to share with your clients!


Home Buyer Flyer

Use this flyer to get homeowners interested in getting their home GreenPoint Rated, either at time of sale or during a remodel project. This basic overview outlines the five environmental improvement categories: Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Resource Conservation, and Community.

Double-sided & full-color:

Home Buyer Brochure

A more comprehensive introduction for the homeowner audience, this brochure introduces the two consumer labels for existing homes – Elements and Whole House. It includes green remodel case studies and illustrations showing simple steps for making each room healthier and more resource efficient.

16-page & full-color: Also available in print:

Survey – Is Your Home GreenPoint Ready?

A green label can increase a home's property value at time of sale. This short survey helps homeowners who are considering selling their home quickly assess if their home might qualify for a GreenPoint Rated label. Download includes bonus flyer with tips on "Getting Ready for your GreenPoint Rating."

4-page & full-color: Take it online:

Case Studies

Whether your client lives in a mid-century modern, a craftsman, or a Victorian, GreenPoint Rated is the better approach for their remodel. These case studies show small to large upgrades, from re-doing a kitchen to adding another level, and provide ideas on materials and techniques.

5 case studies, full-color: Browse online:

Green Remodeling Tips Flyers

If your client is still interested in doing some green upgrades and not sure where to start, offer them our GreenPointers flyers. Get green remodeling tips on jobs small and large, including basic maintenance, energy efficiency, and kitchen and bath upgrades.

5 flyers, full-color: Browse online:

Green Remodeling Tips Brochure

A more comprehensive guide to green remodeling, this brochure is full of pointers on how to make your remodel green, healthier, and more comfortable. Tips are organized into three topics: energy efficiency; kitchen, bath & laundry; and major remodeling & additions. Also included are case studies and resources on getting started with GreenPoint Rated.

16-page & full-color: Also available in print:

Multifamily Flyer

A brief introduction to the GreenPoint Rated system for existing multifamily buildings for the developer or property manager. It outlines the two consumer labels for existing multifamily buildings – Elements and Whole House – and describes the benefits of a GreenPoint Rated building for both property managers and residents. Use this flyer to educate affordable housing developers, property managers, financers, and others involved in affordable or multifamily housing initiatives about the cost savings and health benefits of choosing GreenPoint Rated.

One-sided & full-color: