Find professionals in your area that are certified by Build It Green. Our certified professionals can have a few different types of certifications, so make sure to filter by the ones that are relevant to you.


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GreenPoint Raters

What is a GreenPoint Rater?

A certified GreenPoint Rater can help you get your new or existing home project GreenPoint Rated. This professional will perform all steps of the rating process, including helping you evaluate which points to achieve, verifying each green measure, and submitting the application to Build It Green. A Rater can also serve as an Advisor on any project.

GreenPoint Advisors

What is a GreenPoint Advisor?

A GreenPoint Advisor helps you evaluate and select the most appropriate green measures for your project. An Advisor can be the designer and builder of a GreenPoint Rated project as well as advise on GreenPoint measures and verification methods. People acting as an Advisor may not verify green measures or submit projects to Greenpoint Rated for certification.

General Certifications

What is a General Certification?

If an architect, contractor, real estate agent or other professional has earned Build It Green’s Certified Green Building Professional and/or Certified Green Real Estate Professional, it means they understand the fundamentals of green building practices, including energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and resource conservation.

Other Certifications

What is Other Certification?

Other green professional certifications listed in the Directory may include the National Association of REALTORS® Green Designation and the Appraisal Institute’s Valuation of Sustainable Buildings: Residential. Note: Build It Green cannot verify or manage these certifications.

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